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Barry's Christmas Music

Peace On Earth

is a collection of Christmas music performed on Christmas Eve at the Dillon Community Church.
I have been giving copies of this album away for several years. Last year, I remixed it and had it
produced in New York. I gave away 1000 copies!

I am told that people listen to it over and over and over again - It is wonderfully relaxing music.

Peace on Earth by Barry Nease

I want to pass out as many of these CDs this Christmas as I can - it seems that I have given them
to everyone I know and I want to get them out to more people if I can.

These CDs cost about a buck a piece. If I add US Postage, I come up with the following packages.

Please pass these out to anyone you know to help spread Peace On Earth.

Peace on EarthOne For you and One for a Friend

  • 2 CDs
  • First Class Postage
  • $5

Peace on EarthOne for you and Five for your friends!

  • 6 CDs
  • Priority Postage
  • $12

Peace on EarthI have a ton of Friends & a Large Family

  • 16 CDs
  • Priority Postage
  • $30

Peace on EarthI have a whole church that loves Christmas music!

  • 36 CDs
  • Priority Postage
  • $50